Henry Elementary Home

Henry School

1107 S. Wagner, Stockton, CA 95215
(209) 933-7490

Girlie Hale, Principal
Jessica Martinez, Ast. Principal Tommy Mogan, Administrator

School Hours:

Monday (Minimum Day):
7:30am -12:30pm, Grades 7 & 8
7:40am -12:30pm, Grades K-6

7:30am -2:30pm, Grades K-8

Office Hours:
7:00am - 3:30pm


Welcome to Henry School, Home of the Sharks!

Wilhelmina Henry School - Where ALL Students Can Learn !

Cinco de Mayo Celebration!

Henry School will be holding our annual Cinco de Mayo celebration on May 2nd from 3-6 pm!!

Tickets are available for pre-sale from April 28th - May 1st.  During this time you can get tickets 5 for $1; 

the day of the event they are 4 for $1.  

We look forward to seeing you there! 

Henry School Super Saturday

Henry Students have a blast exploring and enriching their learning with fun teacher created activities and projects.  All students are invited to attend!

APTT #2 is Here!

Grade Date Time Location
K 1/30/14 2:45pm Classrooms
1 2/24/14





2 2/14/14 2:45pm Library
3 2/12/14 2:45pm Classrooms
4 2/5/14 2:45pm Classrooms
5 1/27/14 2:45pm Classrooms
6 2/24/14 3:45pm Library
7 2/7/14 2:45pm Classrooms
8 1/29/14 4:00pm Classrooms
SDC 2/5/14 2:45pm Classrooms

Round 2 of our APTTs are here!  Please make sure to save the date and come to your child's APTT meeting.  Find out how your student is doing, set new goals for the next 60 days, and learn how to make fun activities to practice academic skills with your child.

Last APTT, we had 526 parents attend from 478 families.  Our parent attendance goal is to have 600 parents attend this APTT.  That's just 4 more parents for each class!  Help us reach our goal by coming to all of your children's APTT meetings.  Thank you for supporting your children here at Henry School!

Henry School Snow Day 2014!

Students had a blast playing in snow that was provided by Henry's PTSA!  Thank you PTSA for creating such an awesome experience for our students!

Henry Soccer

Sixth and First Grade Buddies

First and sixth grade students take time to work on reading and writing together on a beautiful day at Henry School.

ReadingBuddies2.jpg ReadingBuddies3.jpg ReadingBuddies4.jpg IMAG1134.jpg IMAG1133.jpg IMAG1125.jpg IMAG1131.jpg IMAG1132.jpg