Henry Elementary Home

Henry School

1107 S. Wagner, Stockton, CA 95215
(209) 933-7490

Girlie Hale, Principal
Jessica Martinez, Ast. Principal Tommy Mogan, Ast. Principal

School Hours:

Monday (Minimum Day):
7:30am -12:30pm, Grades 7 & 8
7:40am -12:30pm, Grades K-6

7:30am -2:30pm, Grades K-8

Office Hours:
7:00am - 3:00pm


Henry has the Best Students in town!

Sharks get to a Swimming Start !

What a great kick-off to an awesome new school year!

Thank you to all our parents and families for their patience with our parking lot construction; to all our amazing staff for helping to ensure all students felt comfortable and safe on their first days; and to our teachers who are planning for student success everyday!

We can't wait to see what fantastic success this school year will bring.

Henry School Back to School Night !

Henry School held its annual Back to School Night on August 11th with a standing room only attendance in the cafeteria.  After introductions from Principal Hale the teachers moved to their classrooms.  Parents and families received information about Title 1 and school updates before going to classrooms to meet the teachers.  It was a great turnout with lots of excited students and parents!  Thank you PTSA for your support in selling pizza and drinks, as well as informing parents all about PTSA.


Wilhelmina Henry School

Where ALL Students Can Learn!

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Wilhelmina Henry

Born in 1920 in Columbia, S.C., Henry moved to Stockton in 1947 and soon after applied to the Stockton school district for a teaching position.  Wilhelmina was hired, and became the first African American teacher to be hired in Stockton Unified.   We are honored to be a part of a school named after such an inspiring woman.

Today: 10/21/14

Parent's No Bully Program

We had a huge turn-out for our parent coffee hour with a presentation by "No Bully".  It is great to see so many families here and learning about this great program.

no Bully pic.jpg